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Attractions in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter
Barcelona's old city, the Gothic Quarter, is a must do attraction. Here, visitors can stroll along narrow, cobblestone streets and explore many beautiful buildings that date back to Medieval and Roman times. Some of the most notable structures include the Cathedral of Santa Eulàlia and the Carrer del Bisbe Irurita, a famous bridge. The ruins of the temple of Augustus are also well worth a look. Visitors can also check out the various shops, restaurants and bars dotted throughout the area.

World Heritage Sites
Barcelona features several World Heritage Sites that should not be missed such as the Church of the Sacred Family. Built by the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, this church is a masterpiece with stunning details inside and out. Visitors can also choose to take the elevator ride up the tower to see breathtaking views of the city. Also built by Gaudi, the Casa Batllo is another marvel to see with its unusual architecture, colors and shapes.

The Palace of Catalan Music is another site not to be missed. Visitors can enjoy group guides of the building to ogle the striking features of the interior such as the stained glass windows, glazed tiles, beautiful mosaics and intricate sculptures of warriors, women, children, winged horses and more.

Nou Camp
As one of the largest football stadiums in the world, the Nou Camp is a popular attraction even for those who are not football fans. Visitors can participate in an organized tour of the stadium to see many exhibits that detail the history of the stadium and the football club. Also included in the tour is a walk through of the changing rooms, the pitch, chapel, stands and VIP seats.

Another popular attraction in Barcelona is the mountain, Montserrat. Visitors can ascend the mountain by cable car or train ride. The mountain is home to the Benedictine abbey, the Santa Maria de Montserrat, and the famous Virgin of Montserrat, the Black Madonna. Visitors can tour the museum and abbey, listen in on the beautiful choir and admire the Black Madonna. The mountain is also popular for its spectacular views of the surrounding area and scenic hiking trails.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona
The CosmoCaixa Barcelona is a science museum highlighting exhibits on science, nature and space. The museum is popular for its many fun, interactive exhibits that involve both adults and children. Visitors can experience a recreated Amazon rainforest and encounter more than 100 exotic species of birds, animals, reptiles and insects. The Geological Wall displays examples of erosion, sedimentation, volcanic rocks, limestone and many other rock formations. A touch exhibit allows children to touch animals and plants from different environments. Additionally, the museum offers a planetarium where visitors can learn about space.

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