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Paseo de Gracia
When you want to go shopping in one of the most popular shopping areas of town, check out the Paseo de Gracia. This famous street offers a number of well known shops as well as restaurants and cafes where you can get a bite to eat while you are out. Paseo de Gracia also features many buildings that highlight the Spanish architecture of Barcelona.

La Roca Village
If you enjoy shopping in high-end outlet shops, then you need to check out the La Roca Village in Barcelona. With more than 100 brand name shops, La Roca Village is just outside of town and is set up as a shopping village. Shopping at La Roca Village can save you a lot of money from the high-end shops, giving you the same merchandise at deeply discounted prices. The public city bus runs to the village, giving you easy access.

As one of the largest shopping centers in Barcelona, L'Illa features over 170 shops along with restaurants and other shopping venues. The center also includes recreational facilities, conference facilities and more. There are several hotels on the property as well, providing you with a great destination that can offer lodging, recreation and dining all in one location. L'Illa is in downtown Barcelona, giving you convenient access to many other activities and attractions in the city.

Encants Mercat
Encants Mercat is a very popular flea market type shopping center in Barcelona. The open air bazaar allows you to experience the culture of Barcelona along with getting some great deals on merchandise. The Encants Mercat is usually the busiest on Saturdays and the best deals are normally available in the mornings. You can also get some fantastic deals on furniture and power tools. You need to be ready to look through lots of odds and ends, but there are real treasures to be found at the Encants Mercat.

El Borne
When you are looking for an authentic Barcelona neighborhood shopping venue, take a look at the El Borne district of the city. El Borne is a small enclave of local shops, restaurants, jewelers and boutiques where the local residents of the city shop. You can find some real deals here and shop where the people who live here shop. El Borne is a center that is quaint enough to walk around while offering lots of merchandise.

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