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Special Events in Barcelona

Be sure to attend Barcelona's Carnestoltes festival. Barcelona's Carnestoltes festival takes place just before Lent inside Barcelona City Center. It is a famous festival that includes a parade, art markets, live concerts, food stalls and dancing. Be sure to bring the family to see tortilla making contests that pit neighborhoods from around Barcelona to learn about the city's culinary traditions.

The Grec Festival de Barcelona celebrates Spain's contributions to music and theater. The Grec Festival de Barcelona is an annual festival that features live music, live theater performances and great food. The festival takes place at various venues around Barcelona including the Horta Library, La Sedata Civic Center and the Grec Theater. It is famous for attracting some of the world's leading theater groups and musicians. It is also famous its pantomime acts that showcase the world's greatest mimes. Be sure to attend the live flamenco concerts that are held at La Caldara Theater to sample some of Spain's finest flamenco acts.

Be sure to attend Barcelona's Labor Day festival. Barcelona's Labor Day festival takes place in its famous Gothic Quarter. It features concerts, dancing, great food and contests that celebrate Labor Day's significance in Spanish society. Be sure to check out the food vendors that travel to the festival to sample some of Barcelona's best street food.

The Dia de Sant Ponc Herb Fair celebrates natural living. The Dia de Sant Ponc Herb Fair takes place on Carrer de l'Hospital near Catalunya Place Train Station. It celebrates Spain's fondness for natural products that are thought to enhance one's lifestyle.

Some of the popular events that happen during the fair include cooking demonstrations, healthy living conferences and a farmers market. Be sure to visit the farmers market to sample some of Spain's best herbs, spices and aromatic oils.

Barcelona's Dia de Reyes is a fun festival that celebrates Three Kings Day. Barcelona's Dia de Reyes is one of the largest Three Kings Day celebrations in the world. It features a gift exchange, caroling, concerts, a carnival and good food. It also features fun fireworks displays that celebrate the meaning of Three Kings Day with gusto. Be sure to attend the carnival to enjoy locally produced foods that are created especially for Three Kings Day.

Finally, music lovers will enjoy attending Barcelona's International Jazz Festival. Barcelona's International Jazz Festival takes place in venues located across the city. It showcases the talents of more than 150 jazz musicians who perform an amazing mix of classic and modern jazz music. This festival is a special treat for music lovers because many jazz music legends perform regularly at the festival. Therefore, be sure to get to the festival early to avoid missing your favorite jazz acts.

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