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When traveling into Barcelona, a great option would be to fly into Barcelona El Prat Airport, which is a major airport located just outside the city center. The airport is the second largest and busiest airport in all of Spain and is the largest airport located along the Mediterranean Coast. The airport serves over 300,000 flights each year, which brings in over 33 million passengers. Over twenty different airlines operate flights out of the airport and it is a major hub for several airlines including Ryanair and Iberia Regional. Direct flights are available to and from all major cities in Europe and various locations in Asia, North America, and Africa.

Another transportation option for getting into Barcelona is to take the RENFE train system. This expansive train system runs throughout Spain and can be used to connect directly to a variety of cities located throughout the country as well as several other major cities located in Western Europe. These high-speed trains run as fast as 195mph, or 310km/h.

Once inside the city, Barcelona boasts several public transportation options. The largest public transportation system in Barcelona is the Barcelona Metro transit system. This transit system is a very expansive underground rail system that started operations in 1924. Today there are a total of 11 different train lines, three of which are driverless. There are a total of 166 different stations that are located conveniently throughout the city.

The TramMet train system is a secondary train system that operates modern trams throughout the city. There are two different Tram systems that run a total of six different tramlines near the central business district of Barcelona and give a convenient transportation option.

Barcelona also has a very expansive bus system, which is operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona. The bus network has a total of 109 different bus lines, which expand throughout the city and some suburban communities. The bus lines are well located to provide public transportation options to people that are not directly served by the train lines. Traveling by bus is also an option for people looking to commute to other cities located within Spain. While they do not operate as fast as the high-speed trains, daily rides are provided to various other cities in Spain including Madrid, Valencia, and Seville.

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